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Posted by on May 7, 2010

11 Tips To Avoid Back Pain

Dr. Norman Marcus, the director of muscle pain research, at the New York University School of Medicine says that most people seek advice for back pain more than any other disease. The National Institutes of Health has also revealed that 80 percent of Americans contract back pain at some time in their life. So, is back pain giving you nightmares? Do not fret, read on to see how you can get relief from this dreaded malady.

  • The bed on which you sleep matters a lot. If you are sleeping on a sagging mattress, get rid of it and get yourself a firm mattress.
  • Do not read or watch television in bed. These activities cause you to lift your head, straining the muscles in the neck and causing pain.
  • Do not sit in any particular position for a long time. This puts stress on the body’s postural muscles. So, change your position frequently.
  • If you are sitting for a long time in any place, such as in a theater, cross your legs alternately, as this moves hip and back muscles.
  • Household items that are used regularly should be kept in easily accessible places. This helps to avoid stretching and bending movements.
  • Do not sit with your wallet placed in the back pocket, as this can cause chronic pain.
  • Do not lift heavy weights by yourself. Wait or ask for help, or hire somebody to help you lift the heavy weight.
  • While lifting heavy objects, spread the stress evenly on the body by bending your hips and knees. The heavy object should also be held close to the body, so that the leg muscles take the maximum pressure.
  • Go for a short walk as a warm-up exercise before you start to shovel snow. Use a smaller blade as snow can be heavy.
  • Women should shed extra weight after pregnancy. They should also strengthen key abdominal and postural muscles, as these get stretched and weakened.
  • In the office, do not put the computer keyboard on top of the desk. Your arms should reach down to type on the keyboard, to avoid strain on back, shoulder and neck muscles.

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