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Posted by on Aug 13, 2013

Know Step By Step Technique Of How To Correct Posture

Author: Jini Johnson

How to correct posture may be a major concern for those who are in desk jobs and have to sit for long hours every day. It is undeniable that improper sitting posture is well capable of giving us back pain especially if you sit for extended periods of time. This is the reason it is advised from the very childhood that we should sit erect with shoulders back & chest out; unfortunately, by the time we enter our adulthood, most of have completely forgotten about this advice from our elders.

In this discussion, we will see how our postures can be affected by several factors.

  1. Extra body weight plays a pivotal role in deciding our posture. If we are obese or overweight, it may very well lead to improper posture.
  2. If we sit on the chair slouched, we may end up with a bad body posture.
  3. If our seating arrangement is inapt and seats are not ergonomically designed, it may result in back pain and other back issues.
  4. Sometimes, poor standing habits can put an unnecessary pressure on our backbone, thereby distorting your posture.

Considering the aforementioned factors, it is safe to say that if we do not make a conscious effort for correcting body posture, we might end up facing problems such as back pain, headache, and pain in other parts of the body.

Following are some of the main reasons for ensuring correct body posture:

  1. It ensures better blood circulation
  2. It helps in proper breathing
  3. It enhances the health of the joints

Now, it is important to know how to correct postureand maintain it. Hence, a proper step by step technique needs to be followed to find and maintain proper posture:

  1. To begin with, we need to understand how to sit, stand and walk, maintaining correct posture. We should maintain the posture of sticking the chest out with shoulders back, while standing. Your palms should NOT face backwards if done correctly. While sitting, we should maintain an erect posture with head raised, chest out & shoulders back, instead of slouching. The key is to maintain the natural inward S-curve in the small of your back. Walking straight and thinking of an invisible string running vertically through the middle of your body pulling you up will help & keep your backbone erect to ensure proper posture.
  2. Going further, we can also use a mirror to examine the alignment of our ears, shoulders and hips and take corrective measures to ensure they are perfectly aligned.
  3. Third, when we breathe in through our nose and then our abdomen expands, then it ensures proper posture of our body. Correcting posture is not only mandatory for adults. We also need to cross-check proper posture for children, while they stand, sit and walk. As a matter of fact, ensuring perfect Posture for children is indispensably critical due to their tender age and growing bodies and will ensure a healthy back and proper posture for the future.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wellness-articles/know-step-by-step-technique-of-how-to-correct-posture-5804481.html

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Author is an experienced business writer, giving useful information on how to correct posture and Posture for children.

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