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Posted by on Sep 12, 2013


Did you know that 80% of all Americans will experience back pain in their lifetime? 

What You Should Know:
  • People with back pain are 3 times more likely to be inactive, which can be detrimental to your general health.
  • People with back pain spend almost twice as much on healthcare expenses in their lifetime.
  • People with back pain are almost 5 times more likely to have psychological distress.
  • Some causes of back pain are simply unavoidable, like aging, trauma or disease. Themost common causes of back pain come from your lifestyle, like bad posture, obesity, smoking, muscle strains…etc.

Nearly 31 million people in the U.S. experience back pain every day!
Back Pain Prevention Tips:
  • Improve your posture. Align the back of your head, shoulders and butt when you stand, and keep feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Sleep better. Try to always keep your ears, shoulders, and hips aligned. Sleeping on your back, keep your head as flat as possible and place a pillow under your knees to help maintain the natural curve of your spine. If you have to sleep on your side, keep the pillow between your knees instead. As for the belly sleep position…BAD!
  • Avoid strains. When lifting heavy objects, squat and use your legs for support.  Hold the load close to your body and use your feet to make small changes in direction, not your waist (no bending, lifting and twisting). Keep your shoulders in line with your hips as you move.
  • Exercise. Try things like Yoga or Pilates to strengthen your core and increase flexibility. Exercise is one of your best defenses against back pain.
  • Get regular adjustments. Getting regularly adjusted by a chiropractor will help correct the misalignments in your spine that cause you pain. When your spine is correctly aligned, not only will your physical function improve, but your immune system has the capacity to work up to 200% stronger.

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