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Posted by on May 30, 2013

The Eifffel Tower grows in summer?!

WooHoo! Summer is here, and even with that strong AZ sun beaming down, summertime will still always be that special time of year to, well, just…play!
Did you know:  
Fun Fact #1 – The Eiffel Tower grows in summer. This historic structure is made of iron. Metal expands with heat. As a result, the Eiffel Tower can grow more than six inches in hot weather.
Fun Fact #2 – Ice cream sales are at their all year high in July. In July, Americans celebrate National Ice Cream Month. U.S. citizens consume about 5.5 gallons per year! 

Fun Facts #3 – Frisbees were invented by accident. If you visit the park in the summer, you probably enjoy tossing a frisbee. This toy was created in the 1870s as a pie plate. Yum! Students started throwing them around in the 1940s, changing the use to a form of entertainment.

 Fun Fact #4 – Swimming nude used to be the norm. No clothes necessary – at least in ancient days. It wasn’t until the 17th century that laws were put in place about decent swimming attire. The first bathing suit for women was created in the 1800s and was long sleeved with woolen bloomers.
Fun Fact #5 – An educator invented summer vacation. In 1837, Horace Mann was elected as Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education. Mann used this platform to reform the school system, adding a summer break and developing uniform training for teachers.
Fun Fact #6 – Mosquitoes have been around for 30 million years. One of the more annoying parts of summer are these ancient little blood suckers. Did you know that they can find warm-blooded mammals from 100 feet away?
Fun Fact #7 – Watermelon is a vegetable. As the air heats up, so does the consumption of watermelon. This vegetable is part of the cucumber, squash and pumpkin family. Americans eat 15 pounds of the juicy fruit (oops! I mean veggie!) each year.


NOT-SO-FUN FACT:  The summer months bring many more injuries to the emergency department than any other time of year. With an increased number of injuries and accidents, summer is even sometimes called “trauma season.” Between biking, swimming/diving, baseball, and other summer sports, athletes who take advantage of the long sunny days by getting out and playing are prone to injury. Not an athlete? Even jumping on a trampoline and skateboarding are among the most injury-prone summer time activities.

So stay safe and have tons of summer fun! Get regular adjustments to maintain good health and decrease your risk of injury! And make sure to give us a call if you do get injured, so we can get you back to life and back to summer fun!

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