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Posted by on Mar 21, 2013

The Migraine Mystery

The pain of a migraine can be so searing that you might as well just drill a hole through you head. Then again, when evil spirits were thought to be the cause of these terrible pains (some 3,000 years ago) this may have actually been the “remedy” of choice. While modern medicine has changed and developed quite dramatically, some things have not. The mystery remains: What is the cause of these horrible headaches and how can we make them go away?
While some theorize that migraines are the result of a chemical imbalance or hormonal change, others suggest that they are the result of the foods that you eat or from a change in the weather.  While there is no solid explanation for why migraines occur, there are still plenty of drugs designed to combat their effects.
Unfortunately, even with all of these options, there is still no magic fix. Though drugs may offer some relief, the side effects you may develop in order to combat one problem may just as easily create a new, possibly worse, one.  
So why not try something different? Studies have shown that Chiropractic manipulation is just as successful in treating migraines as many of the antidepressants most commonly used for treatment.
72% of migraine sufferers in a clinical trail reported noticeable or substantial improvement after a period of chiropractic treatment. While chiropractic care is not the be all and end all for migraine sufferers, for a good percentage, the neck is a significant contributing factor, and chiropractic treatment can be the safest and most effective method.
So if you are sitting in a dark, quite room, cursing the world and praying for an answer or sitting at the ER (with bright lights and lots of commotion) for two hours to receive that magical drug, call Back To Life Chiropractic at (480) 703-1834 to make an appointment instead!  It may just be the answer you are looking for, helping you find your way back into the light of day!
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