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Posted by on Jul 30, 2013

Treating A Herniated Disc With Chiropractic

Author: Belltown Chiro

If you suffer with leg pain, back pain, or muscle weakness in your legs, you may have a herniated disc. Also called a bulging disc, slipped disc, or disc protrusion, a herniated disc occurs when a soft portion of the intervertebral disc bulges out.

Intravertebral discs consist of a soft tissue center with an outside fibrous ring. As blood and fluids move through the intravertebral disc with movement, it receives moisture and nourishment that keeps it healthy. When something cuts off the delivery of blood and fluids to the intravertebral disc, the tissue dries out. The drying causes the tissues to tear with movement, causing the painful spinal condition known as herniated disc.

The bulging and herniated disc causes pain when it puts pressure on the spinal nerve. This can also cause inflammation and incredible discomfort when moving. Fortunately, treatment from a Seattle chiropractor can help heal your herniated disc while alleviating the pain and pressure. This article looks at treating a herniated disc with chiropractic treatment that offers a natural way to heal.

Subluxation And Herniated Discs

Subluxation is a chiropractic term that means the vertebrae of the spine have moved out of position. When subluxation occurs, it can cause the interruption in blood flow and fluids that cause a herniated disc. This causes immediate pressure on the spinal nerves. As the inflammation develops and pressure on the spinal nerves continue, the herniated disc worsens and other problems can develop, including pain that travels down one or both legs, pain in the buttocks, numbness, tingling, twisted neck, muscle weakness, and more.

Treating Herniated Discs

Traditional medicine offers a number of treatments for herniated discs, including taking prescription anti-inflammatory medications, getting cortisone shots, and even undergoing invasive back surgery. Unfortunately, prescription anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone shots usually only treat the symptoms of herniated discs and don’t help heal the problem, which is what you need to avoid future problems. Surgery isn’t usually much help either, as it doesn’t always successfully correct a herniated disc. Since chiropractic treatment addresses the cause of the herniated disk to heal it instead of simply masking it with prescription drugs or trying to repair it through risky surgery, many people suffering from a herniated disc choose chiropractic treatment over drugs and surgery.

Chiropractic For Herniated Discs

Chiropractors have the specialized education required to promote healing by locating and correcting vertebral subluxations that decompress the vertebrae. Seattle chiropractic treatments for herniated disc begin with spinal adjustments and may be complemented by massage therapy and acupuncture.

One of the most important aspects to healing a herniated disc is getting treatment early. Pain is a signal that something is wrong so never decide to live with pain. The sooner you get treatment for a herniated disc, the better results you’ll have. You can trust that herniated disc treatment with a Seattle chiropractor offers natural healing without risky surgery or dangerous drugs.

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